Tips for successful Rife treatments

Rifing may kill a lot of pathogens in your body in a short time. You must assist your body in detoxification and elimination of these toxins and pathogens. Too may toxins in circulation, and you get the Herxheimer’s effect. The body cannot cope and makes you ill, which we try to minimise. 

Here is a list of things that I found helpful. The list is by no means complete, and there are many discussions about this online. You must decide what to do. Only you can be the judge of what works for you.

Make sure your body can eliminate whatever you will be killing or removing. This means drinking enough pure water, several liters a day, preferably half of it before noon. Get your lymph fluids moving, either by excersise, by moving around in bed, or through massage. You may take supplements, for example milk thistle, chlorella, choriander/cilantro (no mercury fillings!), and use MSM, colloidal silver, ozonated water, H2O2, borax, far infrared saunas, and do coffee enemas. Your liver will have a rough time, do whatever you can to support it. Sweat by excersising or using a sauna, infrared or other.

If you have other foci in addition to your conditions, these must be dealt with, or you will not be able to get well. Any dental problems (mercury, root canals, jaw infections), mold issues (current or from many years back), candida/yeast, food allergies, emotional issues or stress (family, work situation) and any other blockages that may burden your immune system. 

Stop using chemicals on your body (yes, that includes your favorite hand cream, shampoo and moisturizer as well). No antiperspirants, no makeup, no shaving cream, no nothing. You cannot affort to be vain if you are ill. Don’t add more toxins to the mix, your body is already overloaded. 

Stop the intake of aspartame, propylene alcohol (also many types of rubbing alcohol), MSG/glutamates, junk food, processed foods, sugar. Sugar will fuel cancer cells and will also make the body more acidic, which is bad news for us, and great news for the critters. Cut back on meat and increase on vegetables, organic if possible, preferably raw/only lightly cooked. Homemade broth. Juicing is a great option. Also get your acid/base balance right. One glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice with water every morning. Consider a base forming supplement in case of acidity.

Minimum 15 minutes of sunlight on bare skin, every day, if possible. Also for skin cancer.

If this looks overwhelming, remember that Rome was not built in one day and everyone before you had to take one step a time as well. And they came out fine. Don’t panic. Go slowly, and remember that every little change will help in the long run. Make a little change every day or as often as you can manage.


Your body is a living ecosystem and things are constantly changing. If you don’t get results, try something else. Try a different frequency or frequency set. Only change one thing at a time, or you can’t be sure what’s working and what’s not. At least one day a week, for example Sundays, don’t take any supplements or do any rife treatments. Apart from giving your body a well-deserved break, it also decreases the risk of allergy to whatever supplements you may be taking. And take longer breaks and give your body a week’s rest, or more, at regular intervals or when you feel like it. Again, how you want to proceed depends on your condition. 

© Henrik Lorange 2015
Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission, kickbacks or any favors from vendors or sellers of these parts or systems. All information is provided as-is. build this at your own risk. rife tech might not work for your condition. do your own research first. No medical claims are made for this system whatsoever.