Spektrotek order

You can order by email or by using the online cart. Because of possible lead times, you should make the Spektrotek order as soon as you are ready. Include your full name, address, telephone number and Paypal address. Ralph is a busy man and does not always have time to answer emails. If you need to reach him urgently, call him on the number on his website.

Your order should contain: 

  • PA3 controller, preassembled and tested
  • LC31 coupler (specify which plasma tube you will be using)
  • EW electrodes (specify which plasma tube you will be using)
  • RG-213 cable, minimum 24 foot

Optional parts (may also be sourced locally):

When ordering, state which tube you have decided on, so Ralph can double-check that you will be receiving the correct coupler and electrodes for your tube. 

Lead time: two weeks or less

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