What about Spooky Central (Plasma)?

What about Spooky Central (Plasma)?

Spooky Central has just been released. It looks like a very capable system, with plasma, pulsed electromagnetic fields and ultrasound integrated in  one package. 

The price is very favorable - $1698 + $117 for the generator = $1815 for everything, ready to go. (Import duties excluded) You cannot find a similar off the shelf system for anything less than $8000, most likely significantly more expensive than that.

In my opinion, it is not worth it spending time & effort building your own rig, when a ready and asembled system is available for a few extra dollars, barely more than what you would have spent on parts for the do-it-yourself system.

However, I haven’t tested Spooky Central myself, so this is just my unqualified opinion. 

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