How difficult is the assembly? 

How difficult is the assembly? 

Some technical knowledge is recommended. You should know how to solder and should have some knowledge of basic electronics, know how to use a multimeter and know what a circuit is. 

You may assemble the system with very limited technical knowledge, but you will need extra patience and be willing to learn as you go. It can be frustrating. 

When you’re stuck, which you most likely will be at some point, ASK FOR HELP. We have all been there and we’re glad to help a fellow researcher. However, it is required that you read the manuals and instructions before asking for help. Were not there to spoonfeed you, but to help when you have tried everything else and you’re still stuck. 

If you decide to go ahead and build this without any former knowledge of electronics, you’re in for a steep learning curve.

Note: If you are ill, suffering from brain fog or cognitive impairment, chronic fatigue or any other serious condition, you must seriously consider if this is a project suited for you. Have you got the energy and the mental focus? Is there someone you can ask to build it for you?

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