Plasma tube stand

This is maybe the part that needs most contemplation and work on your side. 

The plasma tube must be mounted to something. There is, unfortunately, no stands or holders made to order. Yet. Make one yourself, or modify an IKEA shelf or some other piece of cheap furniture. 

For inspiration, see Spektrotek’s page of customer assembled systems

IKEA TROFAST tube holder

Pros: Easy to assemble and customize. Reasonably cheap. The size and weight means no accidental knocking over the tube. Could have looked worse.

Cons: Large and clunky, takes a lot of space. May look ridiculously oversized when used for a smaller tube than the BAT.

Price: $39

For our BAT tube, I used a TROFAST children’s toy shelf frame from Ikea.  I cut a hole in the two shelves and put the tube between the shelves. A little duct tape on the edge of the shelves (top and bottom, the grey line) makes it tighter and prevents the shelves from moving without applying force.

The link coupler is hanging from the frame with plastic strips, allowing air flow all around. Maybe the coupler and fan should have been mounted below instead. But any heat rising from the tube is blown away by the powerful fan, so I decided to keep it this way. It is approx. 10 cm/3.8 inches distance between the fan and the LC31 coupler. 

In this setup, the wires from the tube electrodes to the LC31 coupler allows approx. 15 centimetres/6 inches distance between tube and LC31 coupler.

The fan is mounted with floor protective padding between the fan and the frame, to minimise vibration and sound. There is hardly any sound from the fan. Fan power is supplied by a leftover 19v laptop adapter with a voltage regulator circuit for 12 volt output. Sockets have been mounted for easy connection/disconnection for both fan power and RG-213 cable.

Wrapped the frame with plastic wrap, left a few holes for air circulation, but not large enough for a nosy cat or clumsy hands. This has proven to work satisfactory. Plexiglass is a more permanent and elegant solution than the wrap, but cling film is fast, cheap and easy to remove if required. 


TROFAST shelves (one pack)

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