Coax connectors for RG-213

If you need to connect and disconnect the RG-213 cable, for example if you are moving the location of the equipment, sockets and connectors for the RG-213 cable are strongly recommended. Another advantage of using a socket is that the shielding of the RG-213 will be connected to the PA3 enclosure, thereby reducing interference. 

NOTE: Operating the PA3/SPA4 with HV input on, without the tube and link coupler connected, will overheat the STW mosfet. If adding plugs and sockets to the RG-213 cable, remember to check that everything is connected in both ends before powering up.

NOTE: You’ll need RF connectors with the right characteristics. Do not substitute with other connectors. 

You’ll need one socket for the PA3 end and one for the plasma tube end. 

Farnell/Newark part# 2396232 (link)

You’ll need two coaxial plugs for RG-213, one for each end of the long cable.

Farnell/Newark part # 1463089 (link)

Consider increasing your order of RG-213 by a foot. This foot is used to connect the PA3 with the socket, shown in the picture below. Depending on your enclosure, the length of the cable used will differ. For mine it was pretty short. The RG-213 is unflexible and hard to work with, so I had a few attempts until I managed to get the cable the right length.

It is better to have a little longer cable between the PA3 and the link coupler, than a little shorter cable.

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