Spooky2 XM5 - $117

Price: US$ 114 + DHL shipping from China

Pros: Huge database of frequencies from almost every source. Free software updates regularly. Large online community. Versatile. Very handy recalculation feature for frequencies outside the range of the PA3/SPA4. Very low price. Many optional accessories can extend the use of the generator. Excellent signal quality.

Cons: Steep learning curve. Software usability issues.

Verdict: Incredible value for money, but what it gains in points for low price, it loses in terms of usability. Steep learning curve. If you consider the XM5, download and test drive the software first. 


NOTE: The author is a moderator on the Spooky2 forum.

The Spooky2 X5 signal generator is a low-cost, high signal quality generator. The Spooky2-XM5 is a modified version of the 5 Mhz MHS-2300A generator, that utilises special firmware and a clever software trick to increase the bandwidth to well over 20Mhz. 

The generator is controlled by software, which is free and is updated regularly, normally every month. The software contains a huge database of frequency sets compiled from almost every source on the internet, which is a great plus. There is a huge and detailed manual available in PDF format, which explains everything in detail, and contains a lot of useful information. Maybe too much information, the manual is very large. There is an active forum online where you can find lots of information and ask knowledgeable and helpful users. The Facebook page is also very popular.

The generator is software controlled, and you can specify the upper and lower frequency limits for our plasma system in the software (4 Hz to 400.000 Hz). No matter which frequency sets you choose from the frequency bank, the software will automatically recalculate if required, so all frequencies are within the range of the plasma system. This is a brilliant and very handy feature that I have not seen anywhere else. 

The signal quality of this generator equals professional generators that are many times the price. There is no generator that is close in matching the X5 with regards to price and functionality. There are accessories available for other uses of the generator as well, but that is outside the scope of this review.

The software has very low hardware requirements and you can use almost any old computer with Windows XP or newer, to control up to 128 generators. No native support for Linux or Mac OS. For our purpose it must be connected to a computer at all times. 

To use the X5 with plasma, youll have to modify the grounding, or the generator and/or computer will freeze as soon as the plasma tube lights up. Instructions can be found here

The TTL port is not usable for our plasma system due to unwanted static on the TTL port, but the OUT1 port works equally well, just set the voltage to +5v and 100% offset in the software.

If you are unlucky and unplug the generator power cord by accident while the generator is running, the USB communications board is likely to fail. It is therefore recommended to buy a spare comms board for $5 when purchasing the generator. 

There is one major drawback with the X5. You’ll have to spend a considerable amount of time to read the manual and learn how to use the software. The software is under development and it is still considered a beta product, which means, unfortunately, it has a steep learning curve. The software breaks established user interface guidelines, so there are a few quirks youll need to learn. Some get frustrated with the complex and tsomewhat echnical interface. At the moment this is a "try the software before you buy-product. Apart from that, the Spooky2 X5 is brilliant. There are some great and very reasonably priced accessories available, like TENS pads, scalar remotes, biofeedback scanner and colloidal silver maker.

The generator is shipped directly from the manufacturer in China, so delivery + import duties will apply in addition to the very reasonable generator price ($114 at time of writing). Delivery by TNT or DHL is strongly recommended, follow the sellers instructions. 

If you’re considering the X5, I recommend to download the software and the manual, and spend some time familliarising yourself. With no generator connected to the computer, the software goes to simulation mode, which operates exactly like if a generator was connected. 

Lead time: 4-5 days or less + shipping from China.


Spooky2 software + manual download page 

Spooky2 online store (you only need the basic generator for $114 + the spare comms board for $5)

Spooky2 online forum (requires your full name as username)

Spooky2 review at goodhealthinfo.net

You may also contact Ms. Echo Lee at echolee@cleanenergy-npt.com to order. 

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