Atelier Robin F125 - $516

Price: US$ 516 +  shipping from Canada

Pros: Plug and play installation. Very easy to program and lots of scripts available online. Excellent shielding for plasma use. Can store programs on the device and run without a computer connected. Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. Tried and tested in the Rife community. 

Cons: A bit expensive. No database of frequencies with the software. 

Verdict: A bit pricey, but good. Very easy to use. Used in a wide range of applications. Very popular and one of the most commonly used generators. You can’t go wrong with this one. 


The Atelier Robin F100 line of generators were specifically engineered for Rife use, and they are very popular in the Rife community. The quality and shielding is excellent, which is important for use with plasma. The F100 series of generators come in different models, depending on the specifications you require, but for our purpose the F125 will more than suffice. The waveform quality is excellent.

The software is easy to use, and is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, which is a plus. There are no scripts or frequency database included with the software, but you can find lots of scripts online and copy-paste them into the software and click Run. If you prefer using a frequency directory and manually entering frequencies, it is as easy as typing them in and clicking Run. Like this: 

dwell 90

Click Run. The generator will run the three frequencies for 90 seconds each, specified in the dwell command. The commands are explained in the user guide at the Atelier Robin website. For most people, downloading frequency programs online and running them directly in the F100 software is an easy, quick and pretty foolproof way to get started. 

The display will tell you which frequency is running, and how much time is left of the program. You may also store frequency programs on the generator, and run them directly from the generator without a computer attached. You may also edit, modify and add frequency programs using the keyboard and the backlit display, but that is cumbersome, so editing on a computer is recommended.

The F125 is a plug-and-play generator for those who need something that just works out of the box, without having to put an effort in to get started. 

Price: $516


F100 user manual & programming guide

F100 software download

(Atelier Robin has, just as this guide was written, released a new version of the larger F175 generator that is controlled wirelessly from an Android tablet. At $1299 it is a costly option, but it enables you to control your rife system without getting up and move to the computer/generator. It has not been tested by the author.)

[For the techies, a cheaper F101 board is available for $400, without display, keypad and enclosure.]

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