3. Frequency generator

The frequency generator is a key component in this system. The frequency generator produces the signal that the plasma tube is going to broadcast. Using the correct frequencies for your purpose is vital for success. Several frequency sources are listed at the links page

When choosing frequency generator a few factors are important. 

1. Usability. Many chronically ill patients do not have the time, energy or interest in learning something complex. The generator should be easy to use, getting started should be a matter of plugging in and switching on with minimal time reading manuals. 

2. Quality of signal. The generated waveform must be correct and within specifications. 

3. Flexibility. Functions and options. How flexible the software is.

4. Price. 

Two frequency generators are reviewed here, since I have personal experience with both. Many more excellent generators are available. You may research those online yourself. 

Spooky2 XM5 - $117

Price: US$ 114 + DHL shipping from China

Pros: Huge database of frequencies from almost every source. Free software updates regularly. Large online community. Versatile. Very handy recalculation feature for frequencies outside the range of the PA3/SPA4. Very low price. Many optional accessories can extend the use of the generator. Excellent signal quality.

Cons: Steep learning curve. Software usability issues.

Verdict: Incredible value for money, but what it gains in points for low price, it loses in terms of usability. …

Atelier Robin F125 - $516

Price: US$ 516 +  shipping from Canada

Pros: Plug and play installation. Very easy to program and lots of scripts available online. Excellent shielding for plasma use. Can store programs on the device and run without a computer connected. Windows, Mac and Linux compatible. Tried and tested in the Rife community. 

Cons: A bit expensive. No database of frequencies with the software. 

Verdict: A bit pricey, but good. Very easy to use. Used in a wide range of applications. Very popular and one of the most commonly used generators. 

UDB1108s - $68

US$57 + shipping from China

For the price, the UDB1108S is a very capable generator and will drive the plasma system very well. It runs off a USB connection so no power supply is needed. However not all parameters like duty cycle and voltage are software operated, so care must be taken when using it. Also the build quality is not up to par. Some of the potentiometers for voltage and duty cycle have shown to be prone to failure. However the price is very reasonable, and for plasma use you’d set the switches and leave them. 

My recommendation

All three  generators are great, what separates them is price and how they are operated by the user. It depends on your ability to handle technical software, your finances and your health situation. It is hard to make a recommendation. 

The X5 is best value and has a lot of functionality, but you must alter the grounding and spend time to learn the software. The F125 works out of the box and is very easy to program, you should be up and running in five minutes with the F125. The UDB1108S is a great budget alternative, but the build quality is less than the other two.

  • If you learn the Spooky2 software, the X5 is best value for money.
  • If short on cash, get the UDB1108S.
  • If ease of use is important, get the F125.
  • If you are sick, fatigued, brain fogged, in a hurry or have a hard time with technology, get the F125 or the UDB1108S.

Note: All these generators come with a coax cable for connecting to the PA3. If you are using another generator you may need to puchase a coax cable as well. 

© Henrik Lorange 2015
Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission, kickbacks or any favors from vendors or sellers of these parts or systems. All information is provided as-is. build this at your own risk. rife tech might not work for your condition. do your own research first. No medical claims are made for this system whatsoever.