2. Plasma tube

A plasma tube is a glass tube with all the air sucked out and replaced with a noble gas mixture. When the gas lights up we call it plasma. It emits a stong signal that penetrates every cell in the body. That is why plasma is maybe the most efficient frequency delivery method.

More powerful tube does not equal more effective treatment. The most important factors for success are finding the right frequencies for you, steady everyday efforts and supporting the body’s detoxification and elimination.

A more powerful tube will have longer range, meaning you have more freedom in where to place the tube and moving around the room, but it does not improve the treatment just because it is more powerful. See additional info in the right column. 

Note that touching the tube is not recommended. Touching the tube or the electrodes (the black metallic items on each side of the tube) may give you a painful skin burn. 

In these pages only tubes from Bill Cheb in Canada are listed. This is for simplicity, as the electronic components from Spektrotek are tuned to match the tubes from Bill Cheb. Bill usually delivers his tubes with Pyrex glass and a mix of Helium and Neon. I recommend you stick with those options, unless you have specific reasons.

SSQ-PT - smallest and cheapest - $225

Length: 40 cm/16 in. Diameter: 2.5cm/1in.

Recommended power: 57 volts (30 watts)
Max power: 76 volts
Verdict: Smallest and cheapest. If you’re on a tight budget. US$225.

SSQ-ST - best price/performance - $335

Length: 50 cm/20 in. Diameter: 5 cm/2 in.

Recommended power: 133 volts (175 watts)
Max power: 152 volts
Verdict: Best price/performance ratio. Six times the gas volume and power as the smaller PT tube, for only $110 price difference. Very popular tube. US$ 335.

SSQ-BAT - very powerful - $535

Length: 79 cm/31 in. Diameter: 7.5 cm/3 in. 

Recommended power: 152 volts (250 watts)
Max power: 190 volts
Verdict: Very powerful, long range. Very large. Most expensive option. Requires more cooling and power. Consider the ST instead, unless you really need the longest range possible. US$ 535.

Note: the way the LC31 link coupler is mounted in the picture above is not recommended, due to insufficient air flow through the coupler. A fan is required to blow air through the coupler. This is explained later.  

My recommendation

The SSQ-ST has the best price/perfomance ratio. It has plenty range, should be more than powerful enough and may allow the user some more room to move around. Placement near a recliner or bed should be no problem rangewise. All tubes have 24 foot/7.35 metres of cable that allows for flexibility when moving the tube assembly around.

We use the BAT tube, very happy with it, but the ST would have sufficed. 

Some people place their tubes under the bed, it brings the tube close and there are no touching the tube issues. Make sure no pets or children can reach it. 

Mother-in-law? Well… 

Order from http://billsplasmatubes.com/

Lead time: around one week

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